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Making Connections: Reflecting on Your Spirituality & Worldview

We all have a worldview – a way of looking at life.  And, our reality is that we are people who live in many cultures – not just one. What constitutes your worldview?  What are some of the cultural influences that affect it?  What challenges do various cultural factors bring to your spirituality?  How can you make some connections that help foster a cohesive and integrative worldview?  And how can/does belief in Jesus the Christ inform all of this? The more connections we make between the various realities in our lives, the more “whole” we become – “wholeness” leads to “holiness.” Come explore worldview and spirituality in a new way!

Presented by Rob Cammarata,
Pastoral Associate for Administration, St. Brigid’s Church. Westbury, NY

Sunday, June 26, 2022 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm at St. Anthony’s Hall, at St. Brigid’s Parish. 85 Post Ave., Westbury, NY

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